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Thank you for supporting Sun Innotek.

Quality first,
respect the basics and principles,
and manage the crisis

We will improve our corporate value and make our customers happy.

Starting with LED internal lighting business in 2001, Sun Inno Tech has grown into a company that produces and supplies LED internal lighting signs with the highest technology level.

Sun Inno Tech is a company that is more looking forward to the future than it is today. Instead of being complacent, we will explore new technologies and markets with challenges and innovations and create a new future for the 100th year of Sun Inno Tech.

In addition, we will lead the internal lighting sign market through differentiated technology and continuous research and development despite the rapidly changing business environment, and will realize the value that will not change in society with the determination to provide only the highest quality products.

I believe that the most sustainable source of business is deep trust in growth, innovation, communication, etc. Sun Inno Tech considers road safety and environment as the top priority, as well as enhancing competitiveness such as product and quality, and will strive to become a more trusted company by strengthening transparent management and constant communication. Please continue to support Sun Inno Tech, which is becoming one of the best lighting sign companies in Korea.

Thank you.


Lee Myung Bun

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